• Image of The Coven Magazine / Issue No. 3 Winter 2015

The Coven Magazine Issue No. 3 Winter 2015

The Coven Magazine is a bi-annual creative arts publication produced by WITCHES. Its purpose is to introduce its readership to the people that are creating groundbreaking and unique projects. Each issue contains 13 features, in addition to contributing photographers, artists and writers that comprise the dynamic framework of our cultural movement.

Featuring | Boychild, Juliana Huxtable, Arabelle Sicardi, Sir New York, iO Tillett Wright, Ms. Fitz, Minka Sicklinger, Amber Ibarreche, Bond Hardware, Thurmon Green, Sarah Tricker, Kim Anh, Abel Macias

Contributing photographers | Leigh Aschoff, Katheryn Love, Maro Hagopian, Kate Owen

Contributing artists | Shantell Martin, Amber Ibarreche, Diana Meaker, James Moore, Shana Sadeghi-Ray

Contributing writers | A.E. Zimmer, Abby Fiscus

Features photographer | Kelly Kai

Graphic Design | Loren Kane

Creative Director | Christine Tran

178 pages, high-quality color print edition, 6 by 9 inches (digest size)

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