• Image of The Coven Magazine / Issue No. 4 Summer 2015

The Coven Magazine
Issue No. 4 Summer 2015

Limited high-quality color print edition. 160 pages, 6 by 9 inches.

The Coven Magazine is a bi-annual arts magazine celebrating originators and culture creators. Founded in 2013, the publication is a showcase of creatives and artists, offering insight to the individuals themselves. Each issue spotlights 13 features, alongside contributing photography, art and writing which constructs the dynamic framework of our cultural movement. The magazine is published in Brooklyn, New York.

Amy Cakes
Cakes Da Killa
Genevieve Belleveau
The House of ia
JD Samson
Jillian Mercado
Joey LaBeija
Linda Thach
Luke Neocamp
Tasya Van Ree

Features photography by
Christine Hahn, Kelly Kai, Fred Attenborough

Contributing photography by
Signe Pierce, Natalee Ranii-Dropcho, Sadie Rebecca Starnes, Maro Hagopian

Contributing writing by
A.E. Zimmer, Frankie Hutchinson, Becca McCharen

Contributing art by
Anne Vieux, Heather Benjamin, James Moore, Minka Sicklinger, Shana Sadeghi-Ray, Faye Orlove

Cover art by
Terrell Davis

Graphic Design
Loren Kane

Editor In Chief
Christine Tran

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